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Avatar of Danish Kiani
Danish Kiani
DLT Developer, byte5
Danish Kiani is working as a DLT/Blockchain Developer at byte5 in Frankfurt. He started delving into crypto in 2017, and after some early experiences with mining dogecoin and dabbling in NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, he began to explore blockchain technology more deeply. At byte5 he is working on IOTA and crypto concepts like digital identities, verified credentials, and strongholds.

Dominik Schiener

Dom Schiener
Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board of Directors
IOTA Foundation
Dominik is not only an aspiring entrepreneur, but also one of the IOTA co-founders. One of his passions is to make use of the Blockchain and Smart Contracts to create new and socially impactful applications. He is specifically interested in new Governance solutions that make use of both collective intelligence and new technologies to create more efficient, cheaper and transparent systems.

Mariana de la Roche Wills

Avatar of Mariana de la Roche Wills
Senior Regulatory Affairs Expert
IOTA Foundation
Mariana is a Colombian human rights lawyer and entrepreneur. Currently, she is the Senior Regulatory Affairs Expert of the IOTA Foundation, and the co-chair of the INABTA Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group. With her work she encourages and advocates blockchain for good projects in international spaces, for example in COP26, COP27 or the EU blockchain week.

Phylo (Holger)

Avatar of Phylo (Holger)
Community Manager
IOTA Foundation
Holger (Phylo) is a Community Manager in the Foundation's Ecosystem team. His main field of work are Community Governance projects, so he supports the community in setting up DAOs and creating the IOTA and Shimmer Community Treasuries. He is also a member of the newly formed Shimmer Growth Committee, for boosting the Shimmer Ecosystem. Holger has a background in the chemical industry and in customer relationships.

Sebastian Weber

Weber Sebastian
Department Lead DLT
Sebastian Weber has been at the forefront of DLT technology and project management, leading the DLT Department at AKKODIS since 2021. Together with the team of web 3.0 experts by his side, he advises and supports companies in successfully implementing DLT solutions. His extensive background as an industrial engineer in both aerospace and automotive industries has equipped him with a strong understanding of industry needs, allowing for DLT implementations that truly meet customer requirements.

Marco Besier

Marco Besier
Web3 Developer Academy
Marco Besier was born in Wiesbaden, Germany. He began his career in physics and mathematics and received his Ph.D. in early 2020. He then started a position as a Machine Learning Engineer and, at the same time, got obsessed with Web3 development. In 2022, he quit his day job and founded the Web3 Developer Academy to help other developers break into Web3.

Jelle Millenaar

Jelle Millenaar
Co-Founder and CEO
Impierce Technologies
Jelle Millenaar is a well-known IOTA community member. He has previously worked as Lead of Identity at the IOTA Foundation, where he led the team and architectural design of IOTA Identity. Jelle has now started his own company Impierce Technologies which develops Digital Identity software such as an Identity Wallet and the Next-Generation IDentity-as-a-Service.

Adri Wischmann

Adri Wischmann
BlockchainLab Drenthe
Adri Wischmann is Co-founder of the BlockchainLab Drenthe Foundation. He is a passionate blockchain-nerd: is the architect of the largest public governmental blockchain project in the Netherlands called "EnergieKnip" (Energy-wallet) based on IOTA technology, is comfortable with programming and a veteran in the financial world. He lectures Blockchain at the NHLStenden University of applied science and has a talent for explaining complex matters in a simple way.

Billy Sanders

Avatar of Billy Sanders
Director of Research
IOTA Foundation

Adam Hardaker

Avatar of Adam Hardaker
Web3 Ecosystem Developer
IOTA Foundation

Austin Band

Avatar of Austin Band
Ecosystem Developer
IOTA Foundation

Christian Saur

Avatar of Christian Saur
Project Manager
IOTA Foundation

Arthur Pichl

Avatar of Arthur Pichl
DLT Developer
byte5 GmbH
Arthur is working as a DLT/Blockchain Developer at byte5 in Vienna. After gaining his first experiences with Bitcoin and Blockchain in 2016, he discovered IOTA in 2017 and has been following the project since then. At byte5, Arthur is working with Web3 technologies with a focus on IOTA and the Tangle, as well as common Web2 technologies.

Marcel Mayer

Avatar of Marcel Mayer
Co-Founder and CEO servrox solution
servox solutions
Marcel Mayer is the Co-Founder and CEO of servrox solutions. servrox solutions helps enterprises & high-tech companies achieve tangible business results by leveraging DLT and blockchain technology. Since 2021, the company has been closing the gap between web2 + web3 for several projects, with a strong focus on digital assets, DeFi, enterprise integrations, wallets and blockchain development infrastructure.

Holger Köther

Avatar of Holger Köther
Co-Founder SPYCE.5
Holger holds a degree in Business Administration. The IT enthusiast spent more than 17 years at multinational corporate IT organizations Siemens and Atos, where he was responsible for several global managed service portfolios before helping to shape the strategic partnership between Atos and Telefonica as Lead Architect and CTO. At the IOTA Foundation, he was the executive Director for Market Adoption and facilitated many dozens of partnerships. In 2022 he co-founded SPYCE.5 to make blockchain adoption as simple as possible for enterprises.

Regine Haschka-Helmer

Avatar of Regine Haschka-Helmer
Co-Founder SPYCE.5

Simon Molitor

Avatar of Simon Molitor
Co-Founder digitalsocial.id

Jasvin Bhasin

Avatar of Jasvin Bhasin
Founder & CEO bridge.the.NEXT ()

Yücel Homan

Avatar of  Yücel Homan
My name is Yücel, I am located in southern Germany. As an mechanical engineer I am responsible for the design and safety of test machines. My target is to bring physical machines and blockchain technology together.

Pietro Ferraro

Avatar of Pietro Ferraro
Research Scientist
IOTA Foundation
IOTA Foundation

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